January 12, 2012

Michael Raymond

It's been 1 week and one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I was scared to death of the birthing process and my stay at the hospital. But all and all it was a great experience and I thank God for my husband being by my side for every moment. It truly is a miracle. Everything went smooth, and we all went home happy and healthy.

Tuesday morning I woke up not feeling myself, I called work and told them I would come into the office after lunch. I got in the shower at around 11am and started having contractions. I waited it out for a while and timed them 20 minutes apart. After an hour I decided to call Britt to come home, and we called the doctor. She wanted me to swing by her office so she could check to see how far along I progressed. Only 2 centimeters, so she gave us the option of going back home or going to the hospital. We opted for home. Starting at 5:30 the contractions were coming every 5-10 minutes apart and they were pretty intense. At 7:30 Britt thought that we should head to the hospital. We were seen immediately but put in a holding room for monitoring for 2 hours before they officially admitted me into the hospital. I was still only 2 centimeters but in tons of pain. We got admitted around 10pm and walked to the birthing suite. I could barely walk at this point and had to stop several times. The epidural came around midnight and it was the biggest relief of my life. We rested all night and my water broke at exactly 5am. They gave me a small dose of pitocin to get the labor moving and by 11:21am, after 45 minutes of pushing, we had a beautiful 7 pound 15 ounce baby boy.

I have to admit we have a good baby on our hands. He loves to sleep, eat and he is so content. Even with a good baby we are tired, being on call for feedings every 3 hours, lots of dirty diapers, and lots of holding and talking to our sweet little man. He is so easy to fall in love with.

Here are our favorite pictures of Michael's first week on this earth......

Wide awake

He has hair!!! And already a little thinker.

My pom pom hat Mrs. Amy gave me.

Daddy kissing my long little toes.

My bear hat Aunt Beth made.

January 05, 2012

Ten Tiny Toes

Well Mr. Michael Raymond Guillory has made his grand entrance into this big beautiful world, we are beyond thrilled and madly in love!! He weighted in at 7lbs 15oz arriving January 4th at 11:21am.

We are all doing fabulous and can not wait to get home.