July 31, 2012

What's Cooking?

I am slightly obsessed with these kids pajamas called Kicky Pants. My kid sleeps in them every single night, mostly because they are soooo soft and I love to snuggle with him!! It's made from bamboo material which has all kinds of benefits to kids and the environment!!! It's anti-fungal, antibacterial, absorbs drool, stays cooler, grown without pesticides, blaa blaa blaa - honestly I just think they are adorably cute!!!

They put out new designs each season so you can always catch a great sale. Just make sure you don't throw them in the dryer, I always hang them to dry because of the soft material.

My little man is eating food!!! We are having loads of fun trying out new stuff every few days. He loves Tyler Florence's baby food line called Sprout. I also really enjoy mixing up fresh food and watching his eyes light up when he taste it for the first time. I was looking for a way to incorporate or introduce him to avocados and put this pudding together.

1/4 of an organic avocado
1/4 of an organic banana
A few pieces of pinapple
1/2 of the little container of banana Yo-Baby yogurt

Mix all the ingredients together in a little food processor or I like to use my hand blender most of the time. Serve immediately!!!

Michael smacks his lips the entire time he is eating this little creation!!! Last week we had steamed broccoli mixed with a little parmesan cheese. Next on the menu is fresh raw organic spinach, banana, and Yo-Baby yogurt.

Our old oven caught on fire a few days ago so no roasting or baking is going on in our house until we can get it replaced. Only fresh or steamed ingredients for the little dude this week!!!

July 25, 2012

I did it!!!

Finally pulled the trigger and bought a rug for the living room. It only took me a year to make this simple little decision and don't you know the darn thing is on backorder. ETA is in 2 months!! It's not my most cost effective purchase but I decided to go with quality over price for once. The 8x10 was on sale for $450 - not to bad.

So I really really wanted a jute rug. I love them, love the look, and love that they go with anything. What I did not love was how scratchy and uncomfortable they were. Till I found out that Pottery Barn makes a jute rug and mixes in a Chenille fabric that makes it really soft. We went to Dallas last weekend and I got to put my grimy little toes on the rug and instantly knew it was the one.

Here are the stock photos from Pottery Barn.....

July 18, 2012

6 Months

On July 4th I turned 1/2 year old!!!! Happy Independence day!!!

Rolling is my new favorite thing to do

I love people and love it when I get attention

Learning how to say DaDa and I almost got it down pat.

I am up on all fours but haven't quite figured out how to crawl yet. It will be soon so watch out mommy!!

Bath time is my favorite time of the day

July 06, 2012


Sorry for the lack of post. I got my wisdom teeth taken out last week and have been on the mend, still not feeling up to par yet.

Lots going on around our house. We got a new fence for the patio and soon to be debating some stain colors!!! Our little man turned 6 months old on the 4th (Happy 4th of July y'all). I took his pictures and hope to get them up soon. Our nanny went on vacation this week so Michael got some quality time with his cousins, Aunt, Maw Maw, Grammy, and his Godfather!!! And last but not least we have a trip to Ikea planned in 2 weeks, I did some rearranging in the living room and need a few things to finish the look!!!!

I leave you with this lovely thought, and promise to be back soon!!!!