June 19, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It's high time to pick out a area rug for our living room. The kid is rolling around and will be crawling before we know it. I have put off this decision for way to long because its a very hard to comment to a rug. Most of the ones that I fall in love with are thousands of dollars and that is just not going to happen in our life anytime soon. I think I might have narrowed down my decision after months of looking everywhere in town and just about everywhere online.

1- What I really want but it's so not practical with a baby and a cat that likes to spit up her hair balls on my rugs......

This rug is a beauty for a great price!! Ivory Classic Carved wool rug at World Market $599 for a 8x10, it's great material, beautiful color and the perfect design. I would love to put it in a bedroom or somewhere without high traffic. I will own this rug one day.  

2- What I also would love but the material it to harsh for a cute little boy and his precious knees to learn how to crawl on.......

Braided Jute rug from Ballard Designs at $399 for a 9x12. The description claims that it "feels surprisingly soft" but one of the reviews is from a mother with her kid having scrapes on his knees from crawling on the rug - UGH. 

3- What I will probably end up purchasing because it's beautiful, inexpensive, and I am so tired of looking for the perfect rug.......
Also from Ballard Design - the Catherine rug $599 for an 8x10. I wish the colors were a little more subdue but its a great price, soft and thick, and perfect colors for my room. I ordered a few other samples from Ballard and can't wait for them to arrive.

I guess this begins my compromise of fashion for a family. And I would not have it any other way!!!!

June 17, 2012

Daddy's Day

Happy First Father's Day to Michael's Dad!!!!! It gives me so much comfort and joy that our son will learn how to be a man from you. You truly are a hero to us and we love you more than you can imagine. 

June 14, 2012

Pooh Corner

Because Winnie the Pooh is one smart little fellow. He knows what he is talking about, and my heart needed him today......

June 07, 2012

4 & 5 Months

I took 4 month pictures but never got around to editing and posting them and now Michael is well into 5 months of his wonderful little life so we are doing the past 2 months today!! My man is growing so fast, they make so many milestones the first year of their life I feel like everyday is something new. 

4 Months

Started grabbing (everything!!!)

Love to play with my toes

First swim in the pool

I am a giggling fool

Still sleeping all night

5 Months

I can roll over now!!

Started eating carrots and sweet peas - yummy.

Went to the doctor for my checkup and Dr. Bailey said I am doing great, 
and that my parents are doing a good job.

Weighed in at 13#10oz in the 25%
Height 25.5 in the 60%
Head 16.5 in the 30%

Now we are starting to get a little collection of pictures.........

Here are a few more of my favorites


June 05, 2012

June's Favorite Rooms!!

So it seems that each month I find a new favorite designer, a new favorite room, and a new favorite idea I have to have!!! Here are my favorites this month.

I love the gray stripes with the floral pillows, they go perfectly together. And I am such a sucker for Audubon bird prints!!!
(via Kerrisdale Design) 

Totally digging that stripe chair next to the bed, I just love simple clean and neutral colors. 

So in love with that chandelier and the wallpaper, I always love the way this designer mixes and matches her seating with white chairs and gray fabric bench. Perfection. 
 (via Sarah's House)

The gray grasscloth wallpaper and that delicious chunky pedal stool sink make this bathroom so elegant.