August 23, 2012

My Next Project

Before I had a child I could finish off projects in a matter of days. Now my days are filled with playing and learning and growing!!! It takes weeks for me to get the courage to start a project and months for me actually finish it. With that said I have a new idea and a new project that I want to get started on this weekend.

The problem: the cat liter.

The solution: sewing a table cloth to hide it under the desk.

I saw this beautiful table cloth on with a beveled glass top and I fell in love. So I am going to attempt to sew my own table cloth to look exactly like this one to hide the yucky cat liter.

I am off to the discount fabric store and get a few samples!!! Or maybe off to Home Depot to check out the drop cloth material.....ummm that might really work well for the budget. And I am hoping that the glass shop can cut a table top for me on the cheap.

Finger crossed I can get this done before my son realizes that cat liter would be a fun mess to play in!!!

August 20, 2012


No truer words were ever written.....

August 06, 2012

7 Months

I can CRAWL!!!

We went to Dallas to visit my Pops and Gram this month

Peek a boo is my favorite game

Got sick for the first time with a cold

Enjoy playing all by myself with my toys

Still full of smiles and laughter 

I try to use extra fabric or blankets around the house for all our monthly pictures. The cowboy background in this picture was my husband's baby blanket from years ago. Awe - how cute!!!! 

On the move....

My favorite photo this month.......