October 31, 2011


Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!!


October 28, 2011

Week 30

This week is a huge milestone for me (and the little peanut). Week 30: we are finally in the 30's, the baby could thrive and survive outside my belly, in the 3rd trimester, 10 weeks left, and 70 more DAYS!!! I feel like we are finally in the home stretch, my life is slowing down and I am taking time to relax and enjoy this stage in our lives.

We went for an ultrasound last week and he was weighing in at 3 lbs, which puts him in the 70th percentile for his age. Of course he was showing off for us sucking his toes, making faces, and poor baby has had the hiccups every time we take a look at him.

I have a new found respect for my mother and what she went through to have me in this world. I really can not understand how my body will handle the peanut growing anymore. But those who have gone before me assure me that I will stretch, I will grow bigger than imaginable, and I will go back to "normal."

October 27, 2011

White is a Color

I stumbled across Lisa Sherry Interieurs in Lonny magazine and fell in love with her style. Here are a few of my favorites from her design portfolio for your viewing pleasure. Such calming rooms....

North Carolina

New York City

Designer Showhouse

October 26, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I have been on the hunt for a round or quatrefoil shaped mirror for the nursery. I finally found "the one" but I have to say I fell in love with lots of mirrors along the way. Here are a few of my favorites...

Via Lowes (30"x30") $64.97. Warning you about the Lowes mirror: the frame is hallow plastic. While it looks great hanging on the wall, I guess sometimes you get what you pay for. For me the harsh black color did not work with the room.

Via Pier 1 (36.75") $299.99. This mirror from Pier One is absolutely gorgeous, but it was all wrong for the little space I needed it in. It was way to big and a bit on the feminine side for a little boys room.

Via Tonic Home (17") $419.00. While this little Captain's Mirror with the leather straps was the perfect size, look, and shape the price was way out of my range.

Via World Market (22"x22") $65.00. And finally here is the one I came home with!!!! It was the perfect size, perfect shape, and perfect color. With my 20% off coupon at World Market the price was not to bad.

October 25, 2011

Vegas Baby

Sorry for the lack of post - Britt and I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas!!! It was a whirlwind good time and a delightful surprise. The hard working husband won/earned a free trip through the company he works for. Score!!!! Now I am just trying to get back into the grind of work.

Here is the only picture I snapped the entire trip from my iphone.....

October 17, 2011

2 Cute

I worked on the nursery all weekend. Painting and hanging wall shelves above the dresser, shopping, decorating, cleaning, and patching walls. It was very enjoyable (seriously) and the nursery is coming together slowly but surely. Only 11 weeks left!!! We are trying to buy a few things every month so our budget won't be hit to hard all at once. Here are a few of the things on my shopping list that have made it into the babies room already......

Pintucked Embroidered One-Piece from Janie and Jack for $10.99
Can't beat that price and this is one cute outfit, it even has a little embroider on the back pocket.

Animal Fun Flashcards from Anthropologie for $19.95
I picked my favorite three cards and used them for more art in the room. They are really sturdy stock cards from this Japanese artist named Junzo Terada. Very vintage and amazingly original.

Ikea Knipsa Seagrass Basket for $16.99
I got 2 of them and put them side by side in the big bookcase on the bottom shelf to hold toys and stuff.

Ikea Moolger Wall Shelf for $11.99.
I got 2 of these to hang above the changing table/dresser to put nicknacks on. I primed them and painted them white to match the trim. They came out really cute!!!

October 11, 2011

High and Wide

Hanging curtains - its never really fun but here are a 3 simple rules you can follow that will make all the difference in the world.

High, wide and gently kissing the ground.

That's the only rules I follow when I hang curtains in my house. I LOVE this illustration that dramatically shows how these simple steps make a huge difference.....

(via Homegoods.com)

Whenever I can I like to put them as close to the ceiling as possible and extend out about 6 to 12 inches on each side. (If you have really tall ceilings going 12" above the window frame is a good measure.) This simple little trick makes your window look taller and grand. Check out these curtains how perfect they look in this bedroom: they are high, wide, and kissing the ground.....

Here is another perfect example. It's simple, understated and follows all the rules....
(via West Elm)

And finally here are the curtains hanging in our living room. I put them as close to the ceiling as I possibly could and hung the rod about 10" wider than the window frame. They seem to be smooching the ground instead of a gentle kiss but I have not had time to hem them.

Happy Hanging!!!!

October 07, 2011

Week 27

Let the countdown begin: 13 weeks, 3 months, 90 days to go!!! My belly is the size of a basketball and this little mamma is having a big ole back ache from the extra weight, think its time for that prenatal massage. Our little baby is about 15 inches tall and a little over two pounds.

October 05, 2011


I was not going to post any more pictures of the nursery until it was all done, but I just can't help it. It's to cute to keep all to myself. We went to Ikea this weekend and got the finishing touches for the room. The curtains are up and I put my Sarah Jane print in the frame to hang above the crib. Still have a big to do list but it's starting to come together.......

I fell in love this this gator, he was so cute and only $14.99 at Ikea......

October 03, 2011

Lucky in Love

This weekend we had a little fun with my camera hoping to get some good pictures for my cousin to use for her Save the Date and Engagement pictures. All in all we had a blast and I think came away with some great pictures. It was really hard to pick favorites, it sure does help when you have such a good looking couple......

Did I mention that we had a little fun........

Here is a little sneak peak of the props we used for her Save the Date picture!!!