June 30, 2009

The Other Woman

Or should I say the OLDER woman: Sigma is 52 years old today!! Well, technically she has only been on this earth for 9 years but sorry honey you just age faster than me – darn the bad luck and bad genes.

I am a woman who loves a man who loves a cat. I walked into my boyfriend’s life with a little competition on my hands, and not your typical competition. She had already been living with him for 8 years; she had these gorgeous big blue eyes, beautiful hair, and already had him wrapped around her little paw. But with time Sigma and I have learned to share, and for the most part I think she just learned to tolerate me. She is a unique creature, and anyone who has met her has met her inflamed, pissy attitude. Every once in a while she looks at me as if she were better than me, but then that cute sweet playful side comes out.

She fetches, just like a dog, her favorite toy of choice: my ponytail holders. She has an old pair of socks that she thinks is her baby, and she brings the baby to us when we watch movies. She loves to show off by racing up and down the stairs with you, and sometimes she ‘lets’ you win. She has an obsession with licking plastic and loves when I bring shopping bags in the house. She thinks Britt hung the moon just outside the window. And she is always perched on the end of the couch waiting to welcome you home after a long day.

For the love of feline, Happy Birthday Siggie!!!

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