July 06, 2009

Forever is a Long Time

It has arrived (insert me jumping for joy)!!!! Limited edition 25”x 38” poster silkscreen printed in pink and florescent red ink from Village / vllg.com:

I know some people will just never get it, but you had me at hello with your pop-art-like design. My only struggle is do I give this to my favorite 4 year old niece who bleeds hot pink, or do I keep it for myself in the hopes that one day I will have a place for it? My niece would love it and her birthday is in a month.  What a special gift, she would know that her Nanny will love her "for like ever." I fell in love with the poster on the cover of domino magazine. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, or I guess hanging your heart on the wall. 


Cute as a button fashion designer Jessie Randall in her home. 

Also in love the modern white West Elm desk behind the sofa. 

RIP Domino - I miss you!

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