July 30, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Today is my future husband's birthday, and I feel bad with all the wedding planning celebrating another year of his beautiful life has been swept under the rug. I have promised him that next year will be amazing, and all about him. We are both getting married in our 30's which by some society standards would be considered late, but for us it is perfect. Everyone used to ask me that dreaded question that singles always get "So when are you getting married?" And I would always respond "When I find someone I can not live without." Well I could not imagine living my life without Britt he truly is my soul mate that I waited so patiently to find. Well, I waited patiently most of the time other times I thought God had forgotten my address. So cheers to another wonderful year with you, cheers to being your wife in 8 days!!!!! I can not freakin wait to marry you!!!!

So back to the wedding planning. The past few days have been fun because we started working on the candy bar that will serve as party favors for our guest to take home. I love candy and have a big sweet tooth so this little planning detail was a blast. It's coming along great and I thought I would share some of my inspiration for our sweet little project.

The blog post will be scarce for the next few weeks. But I will be back to my old ideas, inspiration, and projects after I get settled into being a MRS.

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Amy said...

Such a sweet post! (ok, no pun intended there.)

I haven't been this excited about a wedding since my own! Soak all of this in...It truly is a wonderful time for you guys:)