July 05, 2011

First Comes Love

Then comes marriage. In January we will be pushing a baby carriage!!!!

Went to the doctor again today to hear the little heartbeat, it was so amazing!!! We are 14 weeks and officially in the 2nd trimester. I started a little journal (with pictures of course) to document my pregnancy. I am hoping to make a book out of it once our little bundle of joy has entered the world.

I am very excited to start decorating the nursery, and excited to keep you in the loop with every little detail. I have felt great the last few weeks but my energy was zapped, I could hardly peel myself off the sofa much less write a blog post. I was very uninspired the past 3 months. No fear the nesting is slowly kicking in and I will have mucho material for my little blog!!!


Amy said...

I SO LOVE your book idea! So cute, and it will be such a great keepsake of this special time!

Yay for the nesting kicking in!!! Your baby is so lucky...He/She will have the most adorable room ever!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So exciting and so happy for you!!!
Hope you feel well soon.

Alison deClouet said...

Congrats! So excited for y'all.