August 29, 2011

Shopping List

We got a few things knocked out on our shopping list for the nursery, now we wait for them to arrive. Everything is coming together perfectly but we are taking our time and enjoying the process. Here are a few things on our list that I can not wait to put in the room.
I ordered this adorable print in a huge 24x36 poster size. We will eventually purchase a white ikea frame to hang it above the crib. I adore this print, how cute is the idea of taking a lion on a casual walk.
Sarah Jane Studio "Take Me For A Walk"

I fell in love with this fella, he is so unique. I had no idea what an aardvark was so I googled it, he is kinda like an anteater. I really needed him for the pops of orange that I wanted in my color scheme.
Cordy Roy Aardvark

And last but not least I got 2 yards of this fabric from Joann's and sewed the bed skirt for the crib this weekend. It was fairly easy I just measured the front and two sides, cut the three pieces and made 4 hems in the fabric. I got fancy and used safety pins to connect the fabric to the crib. I wanted to be able to adjust the height once we have to lower the crib. I won't bore you with the details or post on the internet another "How to make a crib skirt" so here is a link to a good site to use.

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