December 09, 2011

Week 36

Things are not fun - it's getting difficult to breath, sleep, sit, walk, or even eat. The second I walk into my house from work the pajama pants and slippers are on and the couch is calling my name. I was in bed for 7pm last night and only got about 3 hrs of sleep. I am pretty sure this is the stage of pregnancy everyone warns you about, but I still feel blessed and happy to know that in only 28 days we will get to meet our little peanut.

The nursery is all done, and I promise that I will take some pictures as soon as I get a burst of energy (hopefully this weekend). All the baby clothes are washed, bags are packed for the hospital and the car seat is hook up. Now we just wait, wait, and wait. The big question around here is when?

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Amy said...


This almost makes me want to be pregnant again. Almost;)