February 28, 2012

Afraid of Color

I will be the first to admit that most of my projects are the brain child of someone a whole lot smarter and more talent than me but I love to have fun with these projects and ideas and run with them.

We learned that I am defiantly afraid of color. I like the warm muted soft colors and tend to steer clear of bright loud bold colors. With a little push from the husband saying that our kid will need some stimulation and color in his life I decided to embark on this colorful DIY project.

I got the inspiration from this article in Parents magazine. So cool.

Colorful Paper Dot Mobile

10 different colored cardstock of your choice
2" circle punch
small hole punch
200 pieces of 7 mm jump ring
8" embroidery hoop
6" embroidery hoop

Also need some needle nose pliers, fishing string, and a hot glue gun which I already had on hand. They had all the supplies I needed at Hobby Lobby.

1. Cutting circles: Used the 2" punch to cut out all the circles. I had 9 different colors: burnt orange, yellow, light yellow, dark blue, light blue, baby blue, green, light green, and cream. I did a cascade of colors starting dark and ending with a lighter colored on the bottom. You will need 4 strands for the outer hoop and 3 strands for the inner hoop. So cut out a total of 21 circles of each color.

2. Attaching the circles together: using your small hole punch make holes in the top and bottom of each 2" circle. For the top and bottom circle only punch one hole. Use the jump rings connect the circles making a strand of 9 circles which will total 21 strands (I did 7 of each color).

3. Hot glue the first circle onto the embroidery hoops spacing them about 1/4 inch apart. Your circles should barely be touching each other.

4. Cut 3 pieces of the fishing line about 4 inches in length. Then glue them to the inside of hoop to connect the smaller hoop to the larger hoop. Your small hoop should fit in the inside of the larger hoop and hang a few inches below it.

5. Tie fishing string to the large hoop in 4 different spots to hang it from a hook. I originally planned on hanging it from the ceiling but our ceilings are so high and it worked out that the shelve was near by to hang it from. I got a extended hook from the curtain section in Lowes and it worked great.

I finished this little project up on a rainy weekend while watching endless hours of a golf tournament with the husband. It sounds more complicated than it actually is, the outcome was well worth the time. The tedious part was connect each circle to each other with the jump rings. Michael LOVES the mobile and I debated on where to hang it - above the crib, rocking chair, or the changing table? The changing table won!!!


Amy said...

This came out beautiful!!! LOVE it Ann!

karen said...

I'm also afraid of color. I grew up in the darkest house with mahogany tinted wood everywhere! I want everything tinted with white. But the dots are awesome.