July 25, 2012

I did it!!!

Finally pulled the trigger and bought a rug for the living room. It only took me a year to make this simple little decision and don't you know the darn thing is on backorder. ETA is in 2 months!! It's not my most cost effective purchase but I decided to go with quality over price for once. The 8x10 was on sale for $450 - not to bad.

So I really really wanted a jute rug. I love them, love the look, and love that they go with anything. What I did not love was how scratchy and uncomfortable they were. Till I found out that Pottery Barn makes a jute rug and mixes in a Chenille fabric that makes it really soft. We went to Dallas last weekend and I got to put my grimy little toes on the rug and instantly knew it was the one.

Here are the stock photos from Pottery Barn.....

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