January 11, 2010

Let the "FUN" Begin

Already feeling completely overwhelmed and completely productive. My organized, obsessive, get her done personality has reared her ugly head this week. I love this side of myself but it is also very exhausting. I have started my binder of ideas and information for our wedding, created a budget spreadsheet, a guest list spreadsheet, found invitations, the perfect location, and found my dress. Did you get that last part? By some crazy amazing miracle I have found the perfect wedding dress and it is now in my closet as we speak!!! I am going to leave you with a few pictures of my favorite wedding ideas today. No fear my fellow design buddies after this week is over I will be back to my "do it yourself" projects around the house.


Amy said...

Finding my dress was the easiest thing about planning my wedding. Glad to hear you had the same ease in finding the perfect gown to wow you groom:)

FYI: the most frustrating and annoying wedding detail was the cake. And the fact that I'm not even a "cake person" made the entire process that much more irritaing to me.

Anonymous said...

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