January 29, 2010

Rubber Ducky, Your the One

The third and final bathroom is more than half way done. I love before and after pictures and I can not wait till its completely done to share the progress we have made. So here is a little spoiler from our master bath. The rest of the project could take months considering most of the finances are allotted to the upcoming wedding, and the antique mirror that I want in the bathroom is very expensive. Good things come to those who wait.



I painted the entire room BM Rockport gray and the vanity an expresso color. After having my heart broken over some fabric I fell in love with and could absolutely not afford we finally settled on these curtains from Ikea. Pottery from Paul Michael's and my art from Picasso depicting my favorite literary character Don Quixote. Its a great start, don't you agree????

To Do List: Save money to get that gorgeous mirror at the antique shop, convert fixtures to brushed bronze, new towels to replace the stinky mildew ones Britt uses now, get that asian stool from Kayu furniture I have been eyeing for months, new vent, hardware, and rug.

1 comment:

Amy said...

LOVE that espresso vanity:)

I feel your pain over the mildew towels. I cringe (and countdown days) every freaking time I get out of the shower. *sigh*