September 15, 2010

Cupcake Time

For the past few months I have become slightly obsessed with cupcakes. Lets just say that you will be seeing alot more of these pictures in the months to come as I experiment and play around with all the different flavors and techniques.

A friend called and asked me to make cupcakes for her little girls birthday party. I said sure, what kinda cupcakes do you want? She said PINK, so I went heavy on the pink making strawberry cupcakes with a buttercream frosting and cut out some pink fondant flowers - and who can forget the hot pink sprinkles.

I also made a dozen vanilla cupcakes and put a drop of red food coloring in the icing. I found out that my little birthday customer loves cherries, so I put a cherry on top.


1 comment:

Amy said...

HOLY MOLY....THAT LOOKS PROFESSIONAL!! How can I invest in the AC Cupcake business because I'm predicting you'll make