September 09, 2010

Here's the Dirt...

My neighbor has a butt load of bamboo growing wild in her back yard, so much so that it has created this thick overgrown fence. Anyone who has ever planted bamboo knows exactly what I am talking about, it would take an act of God to get rid of half of these bamboo trees. So, I have started to cut a few pieces of bamboo each week (from our side of the "fence") to make my house pretty. Am I stealing or doing her a favor using up these massive bamboo trees? Any who I love the way they look in our living room and being completely free is the best part!!!

I just filled up my favorite vase with water and the bamboo has been going strong for 4 days now. I know its nothing fancy just having a little fun with the greens in the yard !!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Such a good idea Ann! Looks lovely!