January 17, 2011

For The Love Of Ebay

I have been dreaming of our kitchen update for years now, so to finally have a little category in our budget named "Kitchen Remodel" is a huge step. And low and behold the extra money has been flowing in, just enough money to purchase the faucet on ebay. And I am very happy to report that I am already $33.78 UNDER budget!!!!!

I must apologize now - you will be sick of hearing about our kitchen before its all done and said with but just hang in their I will try and make it interesting.

It's a girls propagative to change her mind - right? I researched and read a few customer reviews on the first faucet I picked out from Price Pfister. Overall it received only 2 out of 5 stars, the reviews were quite horrible with most customers having to replace some of the parts. I was very disappointed but was happy to move on and learn from other peoples mistakes.

I did some more searching around and fell completely in love with this little baby, and she was a little easier on the pocket book. I got the brushed nickel instead of the bronze because I was scared to go out of my comfort zone. I paid $148 on ebay, it retails for $240 at Faucet Direct. I have to say I like this faucet much more than the first one we had picked out. I love the bridge design and it has a hot and cold handle instead of the single handle.

Now it's time to start saving for the kitchen sink!!!!!

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