October 11, 2011

High and Wide

Hanging curtains - its never really fun but here are a 3 simple rules you can follow that will make all the difference in the world.

High, wide and gently kissing the ground.

That's the only rules I follow when I hang curtains in my house. I LOVE this illustration that dramatically shows how these simple steps make a huge difference.....

(via Homegoods.com)

Whenever I can I like to put them as close to the ceiling as possible and extend out about 6 to 12 inches on each side. (If you have really tall ceilings going 12" above the window frame is a good measure.) This simple little trick makes your window look taller and grand. Check out these curtains how perfect they look in this bedroom: they are high, wide, and kissing the ground.....

Here is another perfect example. It's simple, understated and follows all the rules....
(via West Elm)

And finally here are the curtains hanging in our living room. I put them as close to the ceiling as I possibly could and hung the rod about 10" wider than the window frame. They seem to be smooching the ground instead of a gentle kiss but I have not had time to hem them.

Happy Hanging!!!!

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