November 02, 2011

Sharon Montrose Prints

We finally ordered our three Sharon Montrose prints for the nursery. I already have the empty frames hanging on the wall and it will be so nice to have them filled with these gorgeous animals for little Michael. I was not going for a "theme" for the nursery but it seems that the animals have taken over. I hope the little peanut loves animals as much as him mommy does.

I purchased three of the white Ikea Ribba Frame in 12x16 with 8x10 opening matte for $9.99 each. The prints measure 7x9 so that will leave me with a thin 1/4 inch white border between the print and the matte.

The only other design project we have left in his room is to sand and paint the big bookcase. Then it will be off to purchasing more practical things - like a car seat to take the peanut home with!!!!

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