April 16, 2012

Patio Time

My poor little patio has not gotten any TLC in over a year. Weeds are taking over and if your one of my beloved plants that survived the past year count yourself lucky.

This weekend I spend a little time in the garden and I was amazed at the colors and smells. We are getting a new fence this month after an entire section completely fell over. We were hoping it would last us a few more months but it will be so nice to have a new pretty fence.

I took some before pictures so we could see the transformation!!!! But before the new fence goes up I wanted to share some of the other new life happening in the courtyard.....

Japanese Maple starting to change colors

Bleeding Heart - I thought this beauty was dead, all winter it was nothing but a dead twig but it came back to life and looks wonderful.

Agapanthus starting to open up. These are my favorite flowers, the are so hardy and I love its foliage. I alternated white, blue, and purple. I can not wait till they all open and bloom.

Last but not least my Jasmine vine climbing up the side of the house. I put it right by the front door and the smell is heavenly. I love the way it is creeping across the window.

Now we wait till the big strong men come with my cedar wood to build me a new fence!!!!

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