April 06, 2010

Blooms Away

My daisies are blooming.

After a full blown war with the weeds in the courtyard I am happy to report back to you that I have won the war. The weeds had taken up residents here for many years and believe you me they were not going down without a fight. We pulled them all out and 2 weeks later they were back stronger and bigger than ever. I invested in roundup and that knocked a few of them on their feet, but still weeds. I think after months (and months) of putting up a fight they just finally had enough and the weeds are all gone.

We have big plans for the courtyard but its going to be put together one little piece at a time. Our first project is new light fixtures, but for now I will leave you with some beautiful, sunny pictures of my favorite little flower growing in the courtyard.

My yellow babies....

I know they look fake they are so perfect, but I promise those little beauties are soaking up the sun in our little courtyard today!!!

I also planted a Confederate Jasmine right by the front door (can not wait till it starts to bloom and smell) and a passion flower to climb the fence. I will post pictures the second I see a bloom.

On a sad note we had to say goodbye to our gigantic bouganvilla who did not survive the cold cold winter we had this year. Boo hoo - she was a beauty and will be missed.

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Iva said...

amazing color!!