April 05, 2010

Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

The organization fairy came to visit my spice cabinet!!!!

This was the typical scenario every time I opened the cabinet to find a specific spice jar: grab a chair to stand on, start unloading all the jars till I found the right one which inevitably always was the last jar all the way in the back. Then the task of stuffing every thing back in the cabinet before I could start cooking.

I got these wall mounted spice racks from Ikea and put them on the inside door of the cabinet. I got some cute labels from the craft store and filled the jars with my 12 most commonly used spices. I am a spice girl, I love my spices, having my spices organized makes me very happy!! I got a 3 tiered stand to fit inside the cabinet from Tar-Jay to put the other spice jars on, and some clear canisters for my sugar and flour.

I did take a before picture but I am just to embarrassed to show you, so your gonna have to trust me - it was a mess in here.


Amy said...


Mind if I copy you?

Ann Marie said...

Imitation is the highest form of flattery - copy away!!! I am tempted to get on more rack and have them all on the door. It is amazing how easy this simple rack makes things. Your gonna love it.

Ann Marie said...

O and the glass canisters you can get them at Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond - all the same brand for cheap. I have all my cereal, rice, crackers, etc. in them. It makes the pantry look nice and organized.