February 14, 2011

The Letter E

Wool Flower Monogram Letter

This was my big project this week, making my little niece Emily a flower letter to hang in her room. It was a very daunting task but it was worth every little square I cut out. I found the idea on this blog and had to try it out myself.

First let me start with how I made the letter. I tried to buy a paper mache letter already made at the craft store but could not find one big enough and I did not have the patience to order one online. So I made my own. I used cardboard, straight razor, and a pencil for this part of the project.

1. Start with a thick piece of cardboard and trace or draw you letter, and using a razor or heavy duty scissors cut out 2 letters.

2. I found some little plastic cups we had in the cabinet and glued them to one of the letters. When it dried I added glue to the edge of the cups making a sandwich with the second letter. Make sure the letters are aligned.

3. Next I wrap the letter with a layer of the wool to make it look like a box letter. Trace the letter onto the wool twice and add an extra 2" for it to wrap around. Cut the fabric, wrap letter, and glue with a hot glue gun. Turn and do it to the other side. Bottom line - just wrap it like a big Christmas present.

4. Once my letter E was ready I began cutting and tracing out literally hundreds of little flowers. I made a cardboard cutout of a flower with six petals and traced it on the wool.

5. The fun part is actually gluing the flowers on the letter. All you need is scissors and a hot glue gun. Fold the flower in half and then in half again and cut off the tip. Put some hot glue to the bottom and apply. I took pics of my sister making a pin with some red wool so you could see how easy it is............

This is 100 flowers, so I had to get back to tracing and cutting flowers again. I think total I used about 150-170 little flowers - wowsers!!!

For the finished product I got a 1/2 yard of hot pink ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the letter to hang it on the wall.

And voila - the happy little girl with the wool flower hanging on her wall!!!!!

In total the project only cost me $7.50 for the fabric and $1 for the ribbon, but I put in about 8 hours of work.


Amy said...

This came out amazing! Love it!

Rachel said...

Wow Ann!!! How cute and how "Emily"...I bet she loved it!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! And good job recycling the jello shot cups...lol!!!


Ann Marie said...

I knew you would catch that Clare - I still have hundreds of those cups!!!

Catherine said...

Clare, you could make one for your beautiful nieces who live in LC!!!
Great job Ann:)