February 22, 2011

Who Needs Picasso?

This is the new custom art hanging in my bedroom for only $25 bucks each. I'll let you in on how I scored such a great deal.

First I went to the digital gallery of the NY public library and found these two cool prints.

Then I made my way down to Office Depot to get some thick nice paper to print my old chairs on. After looking through all the paper I came home with this....

I printed the art on my new paper on the best quality that my little deskjet printer could handle. I brought my "art" to Hobby Lobby to see what kinda deal I could find to get these babies in a frame. Low and behold they had a 50% off sale for all backless frames. I found this rustic looking frame for $27.99 and since it was half off I got the other for free!!! I got an 11x17 mat that fit my 8x10 art (also 1/2 off at $2.99) and two pieces of plexiglass for $6.54.

And for 10 bucks and a 10 minutes waiting time I had the nice girl in the framing department put it together for me....

I dished out my $51.32 to the cashier, got home with my hammer and nails and volia!!!!

Finally we have some art hanging in our bedroom, and it did not break the bank account!!!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

That looks great!!

Also? I'm a little confused how you ended up with a "nice" lady in the framing department of Hobby Lobby. Mike and I have been there several, painful times and we always have the same experience...rude, curt, & unhelpful.

I'm taking YOU with me next time I go. (Mike must be giving off bad vibes;)