December 14, 2009

Buddy O Fitness Pal

It's official I no longer look good in my itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini!!! And I refuse to wait till "after Christmas" or for my "New Years resolution." Today is the day people, and I am soliciting your support: join with me and be my friend (user name: annmarie337). No fears - its totally free!!! When you have something that is total free I am usually going to give it a try. I joined My Fitness Pal last year about this time and with the help of the website and a 6 week boot camp I finally kicked those pesky 10 lbs that lurk in my belly. One year later and those lbs have creeped back and I blame it all on my boyfriend, and that Key Lime Pie. My Fitness Pal is the coolest online calorie counter out there, and yes fellow iphoners: they have an app for that!!! After you enter your weight, height, and goals it will tell you how many calories you can have per day. And simply begin logging your food. They have a huge database so just about anything you can fit in your mouth they can count the calories for you.

Here is a screen shot of my food diary for the day so far:

And below is the screen shot of my exercise diary for today. Proudly I was up at 5am preparing for a "nice and smooth" spin class with my favorite instructor. The website adds whatever calories you burned during your exercise back into what you can eat for the day. So if you overeat just get your butt in the gym and work it off. You can even run reports on your progress, the geek in my loves all the graphics and charts!!

Did I mention its all completely FREE!!!

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