December 01, 2009


I am a sucker for a classic, so when I came across designer Coralie Bickford-Smith's exclusive Penguin books I was smitten. Must get, must have, must read, must be in my life. They look beautiful and a little sassy. I ordered my first two books from and received them via mail this weekend. They are so beautiful and fit right at home on the old dresser. For an upclose and personal look at the other book covers you can check out their flickr page here. Pictured below are my babies - Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.

It's cold and rainy today, I would so love to be curled up next to a fire with these books and a toddy of warm eggnog (it is December -uggg). Getting lost in words like thither, mischance, and felicity instead of crunching numbers and returning calls. A girl can only dream!!

Instead I am sitting in my office, in front of these computer screens. I have 3 inch heels on and my dogs are freezing. I can not seem to keep my hands warm. I keep looking outside waiting for the sun to burst through long enough to go out for lunch. It feels like your typical Monday, but its really Tuesday which means no football to look forward to. Save me Mr. Darcy!!!

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Amy said...

I am totally commisserating with you today! It has been hard to focus on anything work related when I just want to go home and cook comfort food.

141 days. BLECH!!!