December 22, 2009

Happiness is Homemade

Thanks once again to ebay for getting me one step closer to finishing Britt's master bed room. Who am I kidding I will never really be "finished." I found 10 yards of this amazing fabric on ebay for only $75 dollars. Amazing because of the simple fact that 1 yard would have cost me that much if I had purchased it in the stores. I emailed the seller and she sent me a sample of the fabric, the second I got it in my hands I knew it would be perfect. It's a deep rich Robin's Egg blue color with threads of chocolate brown running through the fabric. It arrived in the mail in less than a week.

A few weeks (or maybe months) later they are hanging up!!! Over the thanksgiving holidays I took my sewing machine out and finally finished one of my many sewing projects. They came out perfect, and Britt loves to pull them closed on the weekends so he can sleep late. I am still throwing around ideas for throw pillows (ha ha) but this is what it looks like for now.

We are making great progress considering 10 months ago this room had a 42" TV hanging on the wall and the mattress was on the floor (everyone scream with me "bachelor pad"). And 6 months ago it looked like this...

Don't you think with all the money I saved him on curtains we should take a trip to Zgallerie to purchase some art work for the room??? Pleassseeee

1 comment:

Amy said...


That room was stinking of bachelor-
padness before you "prettied it up!"

Looks great girl!!!