March 08, 2010

Picture Perfect: Wire Basket

The possibilities are really endless for the use of these vintage wire baskets. Every time I see a basket I dream of perfectly organized magazines, mail, bath towels, soap, dishes, fabric remnants, remote controls.... I think you get the point.

I absolutely love the fact that some of my favorite home decor stores are adding rustic vintage pieces to their modern style. That's right, no need to go searching through the piles of antique stores in the hopes of coming across a needle in the haystack. Just walk into Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware and pluck it right off the shelf. Or better yet just use the click of your mouse like me and have it delivered right to your front door!!!

(true vintage locker room basket)


Anonymous said...

Searching through the antique stores are most of the fun...where is the fun in clicking a mouse???

By the way - i guess you forfeited the one we found in B.B.. So where did you end up buying one??? And how much was it???


Ann Marie said...

I still have not bought a basket yet - still obsessing and hoping the one we found at the flea market is still there next time I go!!!! Clicking a mouse is fun.

Anonymous said...

I like the one you found in B.B.. It has a better story than buying one from P.B. or R.H.. Maybe they'll go down on the price or mis-price it and you can get it super cheap!!!! Wishful thinking. I've been meaning to go to the flea market on river road...maybe we can go saturday b/f you leave.?. Maybe you'll find something there for a good price.


Amy said...

Love that last picture!!!
I just planned out my first showering experience in the new house just from seeing that pic!


Anonymous said...

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