March 03, 2010

All Washed Up

I have a thing for things that smell good. I mean who doesn't. My favorite smell is when my man and I are going out on a date and he picks me up all clean showered and smelling yummy. Since I am not going to share him with you I figured I could share my next favorite smell - clean clothes. In my quest to love the smell of my laundry, I have stumbled upon the best combination. I spent the entire weekend washing everything that could fit in the washer - yes I am a bit obsessive and I let it run free this weekend!!! You have to understand my long standing disgust with our front load washer - the year of mildew smell on clothes, the completely ruined towels that still reek of this smell, and after a long workout the sweat would release this horrible smell. I will stop here and tell you that after much research and sheer determination the smell in the machine is completely gone. But it has taken some work: leaving the door open at all time, many bleach cleaning cycles, and sanitary cycles, not to mention having to wipe the inside after each use. I love to hate this machine.
Ok so back to my "best laundry" of the century award. I really love scented detergents. After days, months, and perhaps years of smelling every detergent down the laundry aisle I have found the one. And the winner is:

All Small & Mighty 3x Concentrate Liquid Laundry Detergent in Fresh Rain

Snuggle Blue Sparkle Fabric Softener

The combination of the two gets my vote for the "love my laundry" award. It's a strong scent and the clean laundry smell will stay in your clothes for a while. No need to overdose on the idea of more detergent is better, just follow the instructions on the bottle. The detergent is colored blue, with a very thick consistency. I like to use the liquid fabric softener and also throw a sheet in the dryer. Now if your one of those that like your laundry to smell like absolutely nothing do not try this detergent, you will hate it. If your like me and would like your entire life to smell like a fabric bomb explode in your face, jump on board and share in my bliss.

Happy washing!!!


Amy said...

I'm totally on your side with the scent! I love my laundry to smell. I've been without my favorites for nearly 9 months now. Can't wait to do laundry the RIGHT way again;)

AB HOME Interiors said...

I dont know if I could ever love my laundry but I do like things that smell good!