May 19, 2010

Home Plate

It's a very important decision, one that I will have to live with for a lifetime. What China pattern do we pick for the wedding? I have gone back and forth between plain, designs, white, platinum, gold??? I absolutely fell in love with Michael Aram Jaipur Design but could not find a store that had it for show and tell. I could not make this choice without putting my hands on it, so I bit the bullet and ordered this adorable accent plate just for my grimy little fingers to touch. The verdict: LOVE. It's from Waterford and the quality and details are breathtaking. I can not wait to get the place settings and have lovely romantic dinners in our courtyard. Life is to short to wait for special occasions, I will get my use out of these beauties.

Accent Plate

The description: "Add sophisticated contrast to the table with this versatile accent plate from the Jaipur collection by Michael Aram for Waterford. Featuring a brilliant window motif evocative of a lush chrysanthemum."

I am sold!!!

5 Piece Place Setting

The description: "Transform your table into a sweeping ode to the East. Jaipur by Michael Aram for Waterford expertly distills the essence of India's resplendent architecture in fine bone china enhanced with glistening platinum."

Who writes these things?

The designer is a true craftsman, he has a home in India and first traveled there in 1988. Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the Indian state Rajasthan, and the first planned city of India. The details of the china collection are inspired by the architecture of this age old city.

Complete and utter eye candy, I can not believe I get to own this!!!!

And because I love history and the story behind it, here are some pictures of the architecture that I am sure inspired Mr. Aram.....

This is the City Palace of Jaipur, also called the Palace of the Winds.
I love the fine trelliswork and intricate balconies.

Amber Fort - do you see the resemblance?


Dagny @ Scandinavian Chic said...

Wohoo!!! Me too, me too!!! I just got a 5 piece set of the silverware, and it's equally fabulous!!!

Oh, I'm just TOOO excited!!!! I think I need to get the one you have too. It's hugely annoying that it's not launching in Norway until September, I have to grab whatever's up on ebay.


Amy said...

Love it! And it's so different, not like the other cookie cutter patterns out there!

Great choice AC!