May 23, 2010

A Womb With A View

I am in the process of learning Lightroom. It's an editing program from Adobe and I find it to be a lot more user friendly than Photoshop. Lightroom geared more towards photography and photoshop is geared more towards the graphic designer. I am neither of these professions but I like to play like I am sometimes.

Learning Lightroom has been a lot less frustrating than Photoshop, the only complaint I have is having to export and import files rather than just the universal "save as." I still go back and forth between the 2 programs to get the end result.

Lightroom comes with what they call "presets" it is the equalvent to "actions" in photoshop. Here are some pictures I took of a cute little baby bump with all my new favorite presets!!!!

I took the SOOC (straight out of camera) pictures, imported it into Lightroom, and literally just pressed the desired presets button. It really is that easy.

B&W Low Contrast

Direct Positive

Antique Grayscale

This little munchkin in Mommy's belly came out to enjoy the big bright world we live in yesterday. Everyone is healthy at 8lbs and 7oz and very very happy.

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Amy said...

Beautiful pics! I need to get that program!

Congrats Kim:)