March 02, 2011

23 Days and Counting

My first Round Top adventure is only weeks away. I have been dreaming of the miles and miles of antiques for over a year. While I am going with a list of things I want for my house, I am also going knowing that I will be surprised and come home with things I never imagined I needed. But the one thing I absolutely need and will not come home without is chandeliers!!!! I want a crystal one to hang in our stairway and a rustic one for over the dining table.

Here are my inspirations......

(via Pottery Barn)

(via Greige)


(via Martha Stewart)

(via Tommy Smythe)


Amy said...

That trip is going to be amazing!! I am hopeful that by this time next year, I will be in a different place financially, perhaps with a different job, and I too can experience the magic of roundtop.

I've been thinking a lot about chandeliers lately too. One over the bath tub in my bathroom, and one in the nursery...if by some chance it's a girl. (I'M FEELING BOY!)

Ahhh, so much to furnish, so little money;) Have fun,'s going to be great!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready to find great deals!!!! Can't wait!