March 10, 2011

Sam's Club Flowers

It's been 7 months since our wedding. I still daydream about how wonderful, magical and perfect the entire day was. And as always I did it all on a budget, my favorite budget friendly item was our flowers. I literally saved thousands of dollars, and with some hard work and help from my friends and family we pulled off some professional looking arrangements. We used Sam's Club for all the flowers, I got an unbelievable price and they were utterly amazing!! I really can not say enough good things about my experience with Sam's. My flowers were beautiful and everyone thought I paid a fortune for them.

A Few Suggestions:
*Make sure you order them at least 2 weeks in advanced, you chose the date you want them delivered. My wedding was on Saturday afternoon so I had them delivered Thursday afternoon. The delivery man showed up exactly as promised!!!
*Make sure someone is home when they are delivered.
*Make sure you have a few 5 gallon buckets to immediately put the flowers in water.
*Make sure you have a cool place to store them.
*Make sure you have some amazing friends and family to help you put it all together.

I literally read hundreds of reviews before I placed my order and did some major research. I ordered this 17 piece white wedding collection for the bridal party. I paid $293.68 for 1 bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquet, 1 toss bouquet, 6 boutonnieres, 4 corsages, and a box of rose petals. I took bridal pictures months before the wedding and got a professional florist to put one together for my pictures. I paid $100 for one bouquet, and the one from Sam's was much prettier. Check out some of our wedding pictures.............

Bridal Bouquet

Brides Maid Bouquets

The Groom

The bulk of flowers I ordered for the arrangements were hydrangeas, pale pink roses and white roses. The hydrangea I ordered were amazing, I got a few jumbo antique and the rest were just medium sized white hydrangeas. I was very happy with the quality of all the flowers. Total I paid right under $1,000 for all the flowers and we had to many (we even had flower arrangement in the bathrooms). Average cost if I would have went the professional route over $3,000!!!!

My dear friend Zoe whipped up this amazing cake topper with a few of the flowers, and she had my flower girl decked out from head to toe in flowers. She is such a talent!!!

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