March 03, 2011

Boy Meets World

Here we go..... this is my first attempt at a professional looking mood board. What do you think? Me and photoshop have been getting along pretty good lately. My genii pig was the little bun in the oven for our good friends the deClouets, and we are hoping its a boy or back to the drawing board with pink!!!!

I did not want the room to be all baby but also not all grown up - its a fine line. I wanted to give them something that would last years and that "MR. Bun in the Oven" could grow into. They had a few things they had collected already for the nursery and I used that as a jumping off point.

The Esty fabric was used to make a bumper for the crib, the inside was made with the stripe fabric and the outside with the bamboo fabric. The chocolate rocker was already used for their first son's nursery, so we were all about re-using and saving money. They had an old dark stained armoire given to them and we thought about adding color to the room by painting it a blue color that is one shade darker than the walls.

Honesty the paint colors are still up in the air, I have narrowed it down to my 7 favorite blues. But until we can get samples on the wall decisions will not be made. I am a Benjamin Moore paint snob so yes all my favorite blues come from them: 1-Gossamer Blue 2-Summer Shower 3-Woodlawn Blue 4-Ice Blue 5-Ocean Air 6-Moonshine 7-Iceberg

When can I quit my day job to go back to school and do this full time? It is so much fun.

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Amy said...

I cannot stop looking at this!! I am utterly obsessed; it looks SO good.

Ready for that ultrasound so we can jump in feet first;)