March 29, 2011

Round Top Round Up

What an adventure!!! We just returned from preview weekend at Round Top/Warrington Antique Show. It was such an amazing trip and I came home with most of the stuff on my list. I don't know what hurts more - my feet from all the walking or my stomach from all the laughing we did.

Here is a round up of what I came home with and the fields that I found them in......

La Bahia
Antique Chinese Calligraphy brushes

Chelsea Meadow

Landscape print in antique frame

Town of Warrington

Old antique dresser

Alabaster lamp

Next to Zapp Hall in Warrington I found this beautiful empire crystal chandelier. It was love at first sight, she looks beautiful in my kitchen above the dining table!!!

Butterfly prints from Clutter in Warrington

Blue Hills
Old rustic light from Egypt

Egg Print

We looked like Sanford and Son driving home with all our junk piled high in the truck. I can not wait till next year!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful recap! I was looking at the website this morning and it makes me want to go back in October. Even just to see what's new.

Good times.