February 10, 2010

Save The Date

One night we decided to have a little fun with the timer on my camera, this is the first time I had a reason to use the timer - so simple. I printed out some signs on my computer with our save the date information, set my camera up on a huge stack of books, and made a bunch of silly faces. It was fun. I converted the pictures to black and white, put them on a strip to make it look like we had been in a photo booth and voila.....

Is it not the cutest and cost efficient save the date idea you have ever seen. It's not an original idea, I found it on the internet (I love the internet). I had a few printed so we could hand them out to a few of the wedding guest we run into before the wedding!!! So I guess this makes everything official, I get to marry the man of my dreams on August 7th - sounds like a great day!!!

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