February 25, 2010

My Productivity Depends On It..

It's almost a sin how much I have coveted this desk from Restoration Hardware. I have a picture of it on my iphone and on every computer I own, and sometimes I just stare at it when I am feeling blue. Britt has a little nook in his living room that this little beauty would fit perfectly in, and my Mac would look so good sitting right on top of the thick glass top. It is the perfect mix of modern and rustic and so unique. The corbel is made of hand carved reclaimed teak wood (drool). I can only imagine for now how amazingly productive I would be if I could work from this very desk. Now I have to mention the only bad thing about this beauty - and you probably guessed it - the price is ummm ouch. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Here is a picture of the desk all installed and decorated - get out of that picture and into my house!!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Beautiful!!! Can Tim make that for you?