February 15, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box

For all my fellow wine snobs I completely understand if you hit the little red x button on the top of your browser and never visit me again. Yes, it's true, today I am going to do the unimaginable and blog about wine out of a BOX.

Boxed Wine? Ewee

But times have changed from the cheap boxes I used to buy in my college years. It's time to move on, put the bottle behind us and experience the future. The collapsing bag-in-box, fresher than ever premium boxed wine. My go to label is "Black Box" and while I always keep a box on my cabinet I must admit to not yet having the courage of bring it to a dinner party or a nice restaurant for fear of being banished, shunned, and shamed.

Advantages: Stays fresh longer (an open box can last up to six weeks), better for the environment, less expensive than bottled wine, safer to carry around, great for trips on the beach or anywhere glass is forbidden, etc.

Tell me bloggers are you jaws wide open in disgust and disbelief or you willing to give it a try. Cheers from my box to yours!!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I was a total wine snob before moving into Casa deClouet. But since there, I've adapted the motto "beggers can't be chosers" and I've drank some not-so-good wines.

With that said, the box seemed like a step up. I tried it and really liked it. The larger box that contains 4 bottles is only $18

We may be in a recession dammit, but my wine consumption will not lessen!!!