September 21, 2011


In our garage we have been storing a huge heavy bookcase from my husbands college days. It is in great shape and sturdy enough to hold up in a child's room. 

Insert problem here: its this ugly blonde wood from the 80's so its going to need the old sand and paint job. I have been going back and forth between painting it white to match the trim or painting it a slightly darker gray than the walls in the nursery. Here I go with the hunt for gray colors again. I think going gray will add some depth to the room but I don't want it to fade into the walls. 

I have been searching the internet for inspiration from the "professionals" that know what they are actually doing and they have some fabulous pictures that have inspired me.

Maybe I will get fancy and do some wallpaper or paint a stencil design onto the back of the bookcase!!!

And these bookcases are just breathtaking......

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