September 13, 2011

Natural Cream

We finally decided on the perfect light gray color and FINISHED painting the nursery. Don't let the name fool you "Natural Cream" by Benjamin Moore is the perfect gray, it's the same color as "Egdecomb Gray" without the purple undertones. It has a boring uninspiring name but its the perfect color for me. Maybe I can write into BM and request a name change?? Gray's are hard - you have green tones, blue tones, pink tones, any color you mix with it takes on a life of its own. So to find a gray with a cream undertone was exactly what I needed for the room. After about 12 samples on the wall and weeks of contemplation my husband is sure glad we/I found the "right" color!!!!

(Benjamin Moore OC-14)

The color really pops with the "White Dove" trim.

Here is the wall color against the white Jenny Lind Crib and the gray crib skirt.

Here is another project I am working on at the moment with baby Michael's initials. I got them at Anthropologie this weekend and thinking about hanging them above the changing table/dresser with a shelf or some pictures from Sharon Montrose. The nursery is on hold right now until I can get to Ikea for a little shopping trip. The only problem is that the closest Ikea is 3 hours away in Houston but we have 2 trips to Houston to visit family next month. I can not wait to show you guys the big reveal. My goal was to finish decorating the room before the holidays!!! Looks like we are going to make it.....

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