September 26, 2011

Kitchen Dreams

One of my best friends is on the verge of building a new home here in town. I am super excited she is moving back home and super duper excited to help her decorate her new home. All this talking has got me dreaming of the day we will have our dream home.

I know exactly what I want in my kitchen. My husband wants to live on a golf course and I want a dreamy kitchen - great compromise don't you think!!!! Kitchens are medicinal, everyone always ends up in the kitchen hanging out. Here are must haves in my kitchen: white cabinets, gray countertops, and a dark wood island.

And of course here is some of my island inspiration from the pros..............

(James Howard)


Dawn deClouet said...

Hi there. This is Dee Dee, Mike's Aunt. Love your blog. One experienced tip on the kitchen cabinets. White cabinets are the worse. They show every mark and tend to "dull" over time. I have them now and was a real draw when when we actually bought this house. Now, I can't wait to move to get rid of them. We're practical folks, but also folks who hate dings, stains, and dulling. Particularly with kids, the practical upkeep may be challenging. For me, I'm going with wood tones and a lighter color island.

When we get closer to actually building, I'll have to get a conference with you for some tips.

Ann Marie said...

Thanks for the tip!!! We are years away from building a house but I need all the help I can get.