September 09, 2011

Week 23

What's in a name?

Yea I know we are taking all the surprises out of the day our little man enters this big bright world. But the whole birthing process is going to be surprise enough for me for one day. So the hubs and I have pretty much decided on a name for our first born son. We are going to name him after both of our fathers "Michael Raymond" around the house we have been calling him little Michael and it really is starting to stick!!!

My dad was Michael James and like most little girls he was my hero, he passed away 8 years ago. Britt's father, Raymond Lynn, is suffering from an inoperable tumor so we wanted to honor him as well with the next generation that would carry on his last name.

Naming another human being for the rest of their life is some pretty deep stuff. We threw alot of names out there but finally both agreed on Michael Raymond. It's such a beautiful name with so much meaning!!!

Here's my belly shot at week 23............

Who ever would have thought I would enjoy posting pictures of my fat belly on the internet. Stay tuned it's only gonna get bigger, and I'll try to get a side view next time!!!


Meredith Lalonde said...

Ann! I love following your posts and I most enjoy your creative eye for pictures! LOVE it!!!!!!

Amy said...

You are NOT fat! I love your little bump; you look SO cute;) Super cute post-it note pic! I love that!!