October 17, 2010

Eddie Ross in Lafayette LA

I am sooo very sad. I will be on a jet plane when this lovely event takes place. I love Eddie Ross, he is such a talent. SO, all my friends in Lafayette make sure you check it out and report back to me. I can not believe I am actually going to miss this.

The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra Decorator Showcase!!!!

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Jeffery McCullough said...

Ann Marie---We HAVE to meet! I live in Lafayette and New York--I am friends with Eddie and organized the luncheon today---

Also, I am from Savannah and just realized you are there---email me and I'll give you the best shopping spots there--

my email is jefferymccullough@hotmail.com

and let's meet in Lafayette when you return.
you should come to the Showcase of Homes...it's fantastic!