October 18, 2010

Georgetown Sweetness

The husband just left for a road trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina to play something like 30 rounds of golf in a week. I am flying up on Wednesday to meet him, and do some shopping in Savanna!!! In the meantime I am slightly bored. I was looking through some pictures from my DC trip and wanted to share with you guys my little cupcake tour.

I could not leave DC until I got my hands on the famous Georgetown cupcakes, we waited in a line wrapped around the building for 20 minutes. It was well worth the wait. Check out below some of the flavors we got, the icing was amazing but the cakes were a bit dry. Overall each little cupcake was well worth the calories.

Yes I did get an entire dozen!!!

And I took a bite of each one!!!!

Chocolate and Vanilla

Caramel Apple
Red Velvet

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