October 20, 2010

Wine and Wood

In keeping with the barn theme from yesterday.......This unique wine rack is one of our wedding gifts from my family, and if you bear with me I will give you the story behind it. You know I always have a story....

I grew up on a 20 acre farm in the country, yes I am a country girl turned city. I had a wonderful, amazing, adventurous childhood on our farm. The hub of my adventures always began and ended in this huge barn we had behind my grandparents house. It was not your typical barn - on the left side my dad had an office that he turned into a music studio where I played my first electric guitar with the speakers blaring. In the back of the barn he had another area that he turned into a dark room where he developed all his photography. They had every type of tool, torch, or concoction one could ever imagine. One year we had chickens, the next a pig, then bunnies, next goats, then sheep. We always had horses and a garden, and in the later years we had a fishing pond. Needless to say it was a wonderland for any child and I really believe I am the person I am today because I was able to explore and really find myself as a kid.

I can still close my eyes and see every part of that farm. Now the sad part. The major caretakers of this land (my dad and grandfather) both passed away, my sister and I moved away for school, so my grandmother was left to care for the farm. Five years ago hurricane Rita blew the socks off her little life on the farm and we moved her to town. The farm is now abandoned and overgrown, it makes me so sad and we have no clue what to do with it.

So to pull this story together for our wedding gift my family went to that old barn and cut down some of the cypress wood and had this lovely wine rack made from the wood of the barn. How special!!!

This is the note on the bottom of the wine rack:
Made especially for Ann Marie and Britt with wood from the Bernard barn in Ester.
Love Leah & Andrew

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Anonymous said...

I think this is the best post you've ever written!!!!! Such a joy to read.

(They can always make one for me if they like. :-))