October 12, 2010

Unique Like Everyone Else

What to put above the fireplace? It's the centerpiece of the entire room so its got to be something special. I love art, but a big piece of art to go above the fire could end up costing you a fortune and then you are stuck with that look for ever. So today lets look at some gorgeous cheaper alternatives.

The above room is from Jennifer Worts. Let's break the mantel down, we have about 5 different pieces. One medium size round mirror, three different size frames, a vase with flowers, two little birds, and a tall dish. Simple yet genius, you probably have a few of these pieces lying around your house, and it would be quite easy to find these pieces at ikea, tjmax, or your local antique store.

I don't remember where I got this picture but it has to be my favorite, I love antique maps and wing back chairs. You can find some amazing old maps on ebay for great prices and maps just go with anything and everything, they add a little history to your space.

If you do go with a fancy art piece just keep it neutral so you can change the design around without having to ditch the expensive piece of art. I love this design by Michael Del Piero!!!

One last inspiration for the guys, this picture is of the Nottingham Estate from Brown Design. Another mirror, but this mirror is very unique, I love the shapes and texture it has. A simple sail boat, candle sticks, and a pottery vase. Again about 5 pieces that add interest to your mantel without being cluttered.

OK now I just need a fire place so I can decorate it!!!!!


Amy said...

Gorgeous!! The first one I could definitely do...probably now. While art would be great, I'm about $1,500 short for a piece.
May need a cheaper alternative until the money rolls in;)

Ann Marie said...

Let me come decorate your mantel - I need a new project!!!! Don't make me beg.

Amy said...

Come on!!! The damn thing taunts me with it's nakedness!

Oh, Question:
If I buy some material can you sew me a curtain for the office window like the one in the kitchen?