September 08, 2009

Careful or You'll End Up Painted

Nothing is safe anymore, with the economy in a state of recession and my brain in a constant state of decorating, something is bound to get painted. After all, left over paint is free!! Britt had this beautiful cedar chest but it just didn't jive with anything in his house. He just kept pushing it into a different corner to get it out the way. It was a great piece of furniture but the light wood finish did not match all of the dark stained furniture he has. So, I went on a mission to convinced him to let me slap a nice coat of white paint on it, he finally agreed and added the wonderful suggestion of giving it a nice little home in front of his bed. Don't fret my dear friends I only painted the outside, granny's old blankets and quilts are still stored with the fresh sent of cedar. Here is the before picture:

I kept the original hardware on the chest, gave the wood a light sanding, and a thick coat of bone white paint. After it was dry I distressed the corner to give it that antique look. The top of the chest had planks so I distressed the planks to make them visible. Then brushed and immediately wiped off a medium color wood stain over the entire chest. Another project checked off the list, I love making progress!!


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Katie said...

OMG! Ann Marie, you have amazing decorating skills! I know exactly who to call when I need some ideas. And judging by all the pictures it looks like I need to go stop Britt's house; it looks like a totally different house. It's amazing what a little paint and some accesories can do.