September 15, 2009

Close Encounters With Sea Salt

We cleaned out Britt's garage last weekend and in the processes I got to do some shopping (it's filled with old furniture - jackpot!!). I fell in love with this old dresser, it was not love at first sight, but with a new coat of paint and some TLC the dresser has upgraded from the hot dingy garage to the air conditioned house.

The Before:

1. Removed hardware and spray painted it with a Rustolium flat black
2. Lightly sanded the entire dresser
3. Cleaned drawers and dresser with a damp rag (removed flowered wallpaper).
4. Painted a thick coat of Sherman Williams Sea Salt in a Satin finish and let dry over night.
5. Sanded/distressed corners and random spots on the dresser to give it a worn look.
6. Wiped wood stain on the dresser and with another rag wiped off the stain before it dried to give it that old antique look.

And for a grand total of $16.54 Britt has a new piece of furniture in his house!!!


Amy said...

I hope Britt knows what a lucky man he is!!

Ann Marie said...

Thanks Amy!!!! We are both very lucky in love (ha ha)!!