September 18, 2009

Get In My Kitchen

The very last issue of Cottage Living was in December 2008 and it featured the Assistant Decorating Editor, Anne Turner, in her redesigned Birmingham, Alabama kitchen. I am total behind the times with this news flash, but I want this kitchen so so so bad that I had to share these pictures with you. I love before and after pictures and this kitchen transformation is truly awe inspiring. My two dilemmas 1. I just remodeled my kitchen 2 years ago but I am tired of it already 2. the idea of having different color top and bottom cabinets. Is this just to trendy to my accustom of having a uniform looking kitchen - can I be happy cooking outside this box? I love mixing new modern pieces with old vintage pieces, is this not the same concept? 

This is Anne Turner's kitchen before: 

And her amazing after pictures: 

Wall and upper cabinets are painted Farrow & Ball Lime White. 
Lower cabinets are Farrow & Ball Mouse's back. 
Window sashes and doors are Farrow & Ball Stoney Ground. 
Hardware: Restoration Hardware, Ephram 6" pulls
Countertops: Black honed granite from Dupont at Lowes and walnut butcher block from AWP Butcher Block
Appliances: Kenmore Pro, Sears
Tile/Splash: Ann Saks, Capriccio in antique white (it has a great wavy finish to it that makes the tile)
Pendants: Restoration Hardware, Harmon Pendant in dark brass
Floors: Lumber Liqudators 2 1/4" white oak select stained with half formula of Special Walnut
Fabric behind French doors: Lewis & Sheron
Faucet: Price Pfister
Paint on Dining Room Walls: Pratt & Lambert "Sierra Night" 

My kitchen looked like this when I first bought my "it has potential" starter home, I took a sledge hammer to the cabinets the first day I got the keys. Can you say yellow? I am not a morning person so the very idea of fixing my morning coffee in this cheery sunshine yellow room was more than I could handle. The cabinets were built with the house in the 1940's and dingy would be a great word to describe what they looked like on the inside. The layout was all wrong, top cabinets to low, so I decided to start fresh. 

And now in its current state. I am so proud of all the money I saved on this project, and thanks to my uber talented buddy David we did all of the work ourself. The average kitchen renovation cost between $15-20,000, my kitchen renovation averaged around $7,000 with all new cabinets. But I now cringe at the stock maple cabinets from Lowes - they scream at me to paint them, and the red is wearing on me. Deep down do I really have the courage to take on this project or should I let bygones be bygones? In all reality its just a fresh coat of paint, but in my other reality it's alot of work.


Amy said...

As always...You totally amaze me with your passion and drive for all things beautiful! You really are talented!

I think your kitchen is warm and inviting! Just lovely AC!!

Virginia @ Where You Hang Your Hat said...

WOW. So inspiring. Clipping for my kitchen inspiration file.

Edward said...

Red maple cabinets can create a warm cherry kitchen if you order kitchen cabinets online.